Teen Wellness

Teen Mental Health The teenage years are a great time to test a growing person’s strengths and even out their weaknesses that need attention. The teenage years are full of many changes physical, cognitive, sexual, emotional and socially. Teenagers do not yet have the resources or repertoire to deal with life stresses in the same way that adults might, so may instead choose to unhealth coping mechanisms over healthy ones. Inability to cope positively with stress can be associated with delinquency, substance use, sexual activity, sulking, and excessive gaming. At RED DOOR we help teens work on building stress management and resiliency techniques which should help build their choices how to respond better to stress.

The teenage time period is one that we start to see the emergency of mental unwellness behaviours such as depression, anxiety, eating disorder, substance abuse and such. For this reason we run courses to help parents identify early warning signs as well as courses to help teens cope better with their life choices.

One particularly sensitive issue of the teen years is the possible emergency of suicide risk. This is  a serious problem. If you fear that a teen may be suicidal please stay with them and seek emergency support from their school, parents or health practitioner.

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