Stress Management

Stress Management

Whilst some stress is good, too much stress is bad for you. If you start to feel anxious, worried, overwhelmed, nervous, resistant to change, and are frequently upset, you may be experiencing stress in a negative way.

Commons sources of stress include personal expectations, family expectations, employment demands, finances and money management, environmental stressors (particularly in Hong Kong); your physical health as well as endless daily hassles. Your response to stressful situations is contingent on your personal perception of the stressful event, your reactive strategies, and your resilience to change in general.

At RED DOOR we will help you identify your sources of stress, work to manage or eliminate these as negative stressors, help you manage your thinking processes to better face stress now and in the future, and help you build a life which is helps prevent negative stressful experiences in the future.

At RED DOOR we offer short term course on stress management for individuals and groups as well as individual therapy for those who desire more private circumstances. Please look on our events board for the next proposed stress management workshop.