Five life-enhancing reasons to colour.

colouring pix

Five reasons to break out the colour pens.

Colouring in was something you enjoyed as a child. Given the popularity of adult colouring books, we encourage you to return to your childhood and give it a go. We are such strong believers in the power of colouring  that we offer pictures and patterns to colour in our waiting room at RED DOOR. Feel free to drop by to experience for yourself what 10 minutes of colouring can achieve.

Reasons to colour:

  • Colouring reduces stress. The focus required when simply colouring pictures, from choosing colours to staying inside the lines creates a meditative-like state. The heart rate is reduced and breathing becomes more calm. The repetitive nature of colouring calms even the busiest minds. Try it for just 10 minutes a day (with no distractions) and check how you feel afterwards.
  • Colouring in helps to defy the age process. Both physically and emotionally. It is good for you emotionally to play occasionally, and colouring is a form of such play. Addtionally colouring helps to maintain manual dexterity, which is essential to growing older gracefully.
  • Colouring is a creative break out of the box buster. Break out of any creativity rut using colouring. Even if you do not think of yourself as an artist, simply selecting colours and designs helps to unleash generalised creativity. Be ready for new ideas!
  • Better brains. Colouring helps to develop greater skills of concentration and focus. Furthermore, both hemispheres of the brain are engaged, giving your brain a good ‘workout’.
  • Take a mini-break. Colouring is not a form of art therapy, but it can be used in therapy as a tool to help calm and centre a person, even if you are mentally well adjusted already. If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive tendancies, or difficulties managing stress, psychological research supports the use of colouring as a part of the therapeutic process.

You may also be wondering when is the best time to start colouring. There really isn’t a bad time to try colouring as a calming technique. I recommend that you give it a try the next time you are stressed, pressured, or feeling run down. At those times the colouring activity should help you to collect yourself. You might also consider colouring before your bedtime. Since watching TV and playing on devices has been associated with poorer sleep patterns, colouring could create a more relaxed mind-set, setting you up for a deeper, more refreshing night’s sleep.