Mindfulness for Teens – to manage stress, anxiety and improve focus

Group 2: Mindfulness for Teens – to manage stress, anxiety and improve focus.

11- 13 years old Saturday 1 1/2 hours for 6 sessions. Saturday 2:30-3:30. Cost HKD 3000 per participant

There are many benefits of practicing mindfulness . The teen years are full of challenges and changes which can result in unhealthy levels of stress and anxiety. This session age specific program makes learning enjoyable as mindfulness is taught through short meditations, games, activities and stories around a theme each lesson.

Using the Eline Snel Method, the aim of this course is help teens feel calmer, get on better with their peers and gain self-confidence. The six session course will help teens build an understanding of how their mind affects their emotions and thoughts. It can also help them develop an understanding of how to deal with difficult situations.

The Eline Snel Method was developed by Eline Snel, and is an attention training tool for children and adolescents helping them keep calm, stay focused and manage stress.

To register please email angelaw@reddoor.hk