Mindfulness for Children to Improve Focus and Attention

Group 1: Mindfulness for Children to Improve Focus and Attention

Age of participants 8 – 11 year olds

1 hour sessions. Saturday 2:30-3:30pm . 8 sessions. Cost HKD 3600 per participant

Children often experience difficulties concentrating and getting enough sleep. Today children are spending significant time on line and with screens. They can find it difficult to relax and turn off .This age specific program makes learning fun as mindfulness is taught through short mediations and breathe work, games and stories around a theme each lesson. Activities to do at home with family members are also included.

The Eline Snel Method was developed by Eline Snel, and is an attention training tool for children and adolescents helping them keep calm, stay focused and manage stress.

For registration email angelaw@reddoor.hk