Burn out

It is not uncommon for a person to feel stress in today’s working environment, however burnout occurs when you experience prolonged psychological stress and it can affect you physically, mentally or emotionally and can ultimately lead to a breakdown. Burnout is classed as form of depression as it leaves you feeling exhausted, with a loss of enthusiasm and no motivation.

Reasons for onset of burnout can be that you feel a loss of control at work, perhaps over your workload which you may think is mundane or you may feel you have too much work. It could also occur when you feel you have no control over the decision-making process, or it may be that you feel there is unfairness at work, or your values are no longer aligned to the organisation for which you are working. It’s important to recognise if you are experiencing these feelings to enable you to seek the intervention you need before it leads to burnout.

At RED DOOR we can work with you in practical way to help you sort out the stress from the distress, and help you build better stronger thinking patterns so that you can prevent and treat burnout if you have experienced this issue.

If you feel you may be experiencing burnout, our blog on resiliency may be of help. https://reddoor.hk/the-resiliency-rx-check-in-to-check-up/