Introducing the Couples Connection

Relationship issues are one of the most common causes of personal emotional distress that challenge our mental health.

Maintaining a healthy and satisfying relationship is not always smooth sailing. Building a better understanding of why difficulties arise, and what can be done about them, is extremely useful.

RED DOOR Counselling will be offering a six-week programme to couples to better understand themselves and their personal contribution to their relationship dynamics. Our lead counsellor Angela Watkins, together with our talented counsellors-in-training, will lead 6 workshops, individual and couples therapy sessions dedicated to improving relationships.

Our counsellors offer guidance and support to empower couples and to find a resolution to relationship roadblocks, which can be an extremely helpful and healing process.

This course will offer participants topic workshops, 3 private couples counselling sessions, and 1-2 individual counselling sessions. 

The workshops will cover the following essential areas often addressed in couples counselling –what makes love last, communication, overcoming threats to your relationships, recovering from a fight, and creating your personalised path forward.

Who is eligible to participate? Any committed couple can enrol. If you have been in a serious relationship for at least a year, and are both in Hong Kong for the majority of the course duration (August and September 2022)

This course will be part of the training for our counsellors-in-training. As such we are offering the course at a particularly attractive fee of HKD5000 per couple (for 5 workshops, 2 individual counselling sessions and 3 couples’ sessions). For comparison, if you paid a counsellor directly for the same sessions/content, it would cost close to 30K. This is a smart investment in the future of your relationship.

To ensure a high quality experience, spaces are limited to 6 couples in total. If you are interested to register or learn more, please let us know before 01 August 2022 via email to Couples will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. Enrol today.


Workshop dates

•20 August –what makes love last – affirmation exercise

•27 August – communication is key

•10 Sept – horsemen and antidotes

•17 Sept – the aftermath of a fight – dreams within conflict

•24 Sept – a new stage of negotiations – your roadmap forward.

Couples and individual sessions will be organised directly between the counsellors and each couple/individual

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