Talk to your Anxiety

You may feel that you are powerless over your anxiety. Using the following anxiety dialogue exercise may well help you learn to manage your anxiety during this time and in the future.

Talk back to your anxiety, as if it is a small child that lives inside you. Help this young child understand the risks that exist, in a realistic rather than catastrophic manner. Hold their hand whilst you explain the actions that you are going to undertake to help mitigate the risks ahead. Don’t tell dismiss their worries, by saying that worry is silly. Do not try to simply silence your anxiety. Rather, listen, and talk back. Acknowledge the fear, but explain that you do not need to let worries disable you. Reassure your internal anxious child that you will take care. Thank your anxiety for reminding you that there are threats in the world, and that there is danger, but that you have the resources and strength to face challenges.

Dialogues with your anxiety may run as waves lapping at the shore of a beach. Let the anxiety roll in and regress, as if your anxious child, and your adult self, are engaged in a dance – make it a waltz.

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