Achieving Quick Calm


Here are 10 techniques to achieve a quick calm when you feel strong negative emotion or feel overwhelmed. 

1.       Take action – go for a quick jog, or perform 20 jumping jacks. Since you have to change your thinking you will find that you can distract yourself from your emotions for, just long enough, to catch your breath and, start to, consider your thoughts.

2.       Repeat a mantra – any quick phrase that reminds you to stay calm. For example, “let it slide off me like water off a duck’s back”. “I am enough”, “Its okay not to be okay”.

3.       Drink a glass of water.  If one glass is not enough, drink another glass.

4.       Counting – count backwards from 100. Simply focusing on another activity creates a break in the momentum of a situation and allows your thoughts to be distracted.

5.       Progressive relaxation exercises. Remove yourself from the situation and work on progressive relaxation tension and release activities. Progressive relaxation soothes the body as you tense and relax muscles – isolating and focusing exclusively on one group of muscles at a time. Begin with your toes, and work up through your muscles to your head, where you may focus on relaxing the muscles around your chin and eyes.

6.       Draw a picture, or colour a picture – draw a picture of your feelings, or of anything. Drawing a picture allows you to catch a breath and engage your creative mind.

7.       Music – listen to 5 minutes of calming music, or music that cheers your mood.

8.       Stretch – stretch your body out, spend 3-5 minutes releasing tension from your body.

9.       Strawberry and Candle breathing. Close your eyes and imagine yourself holding a strawberry. Breathe in and smell the strawberry. Breath in completely. Then blow out air, like you are blowing out a candle, a steady stream of air. Do this 10 times.

10.   Journal – journaling is an exceptional model to provide self-therapy. Even in a time of strong emotion, writing about your emotions can help you start to solve the situation as you write. You don’t need to share your thoughts.


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