Forecasts for the New Year: RABBIT, DRAGON, SNAKE, HORSE.

dragon_snake_rabbit_horseWhat is in store for you in the year of the Pig? The year of the Pig begins on Tuesday 5 Feb 2019. The Chinese Lunar New Year indicates changes in the presiding powers, and the luck of people born under the 12 zodiac signs (animals). RED DOOR has summarized the predictions of various Feng Shui experts to provide a summary of your luck, wealth, health, career and relationship forecast for the year. We’ve added a RED DOOR reflection approach for each forecast to help you consider possible psychological adaptions and details that will position you to best optimise the changes of the year ahead.

The zodiac character symbols included here are designed by Hong Kong cartoonist and artist Justin Tan. These characters will soon be launched into a comic series Horoscope High.


This year for those born under the sign of the RABBIT.

rabbitA fairly neutral year ahead for those born under the sign of the Rabbit. Whilst you may not feel like working hard, this will be a year when you may have to. Expanding your skill set or business remit is advised. Still you will not experience much career progression this year. Perhaps invest in your skill set or business repertoire, and sit back and watch the market this year. Your health should be good this year. Happiness and contentment at home will support your ability to fight common infections.

Friendships and romance should be stable this year. You won’t be the target of too many disputes or gossip. For the majority of the year your relationship status shouldn’t change, those who are single aren’t likely to find a new love until the last quarter of the lunar year. Those already in a relationship will experience the development of further depth in that relationship.

RED DOOR Reflection: It appears that learning new skills would be helpful for you this year. What skills would help you develop your current or future career?


This year for those born under the sign of the DRAGON.

dragonThe year of the Pig attracts an abundance of luck for those born under the sign of the Dragon. You have good luck with investments and money this year. Entrepreneurs will be the luckiest of all Dragons. Career development opportunities will be positive this year.

Dragons may attract love or experience an improved love life, as well as public support from friends, family and colleagues. Your health is going to be ok. You may suffer from minor illnesses and problems attached to your stomach, so be mindful of what you eat and drink.

RED DOOR Reflection: What do you think you would like to achieve this year? Is it time to set some ambitious goals?


This year for those born under the sign of the SNAKE.  

snakeIt would be wise for the Snake to invest in future planning, relationship building and adapting to change this year. The Snake does not have exceptional luck with money or their career this year unless they plan to actively expand their network and engage in self-promotion.  You may attract disputes and conflicts with friends so take care, and be patient in these relationships. Slow and careful is a good approach to your health as well. Bad luck with your health will be caused by rushing, so apply caution. In your love relationship invest in your relationship to continue to keep your relationship strong.

RED DOOR Reflection: Your career is dependent on self-promotion and networking, how comfortable are you to promote your skills to a new audience? What is holding you back?


This year for those born under the sign of the HORSE

horseThe Horse will find a stable of support this year, especially from friends and family. Others will recognise your talents so this is not the time to hold back on showing these skills and developing further strengths. This may be a year of investing in your future financial and career success, rather than the year that you reap immediate returns.

Your health will be mostly stable this year, but do watch what you eat since you may get the occasional case of stomach upset.

Romance is not the air for the horse this year. This is a time to enjoy green pastures and feel good running around on your own.

RED DOOR Reflection: Are you grateful for your talents? What can you do to improve the skills in which you excel?


Good luck for the year ahead. Our next blog will feature the forecasts for the next four zodiac signs. the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Snake and the Horse.

If you would like more information about RED DOOR or the art of Justin Tan please contact

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