Individual Therapy

Individual counselling is the main style of counselling offered by the team at RED DOOR. An individual counselling session is usually 45 minutes to 1 hour long. Sessions are encouraged to be weekly at the beginning of therapy. These sessions are collaborative, you are the driver in the therapeutic journey, the counsellor is a facilitator, a navigator in support of you.

The initial sessions will involve discussions on your background and current experiences of any stresses. Some psychometric tests may be introduced at this time to measure your experience of anxiety or depression or other conditions.  Consequential sessions will involve the rolling out of our plan, which we write collaboratively. The experience of counselling can be quite emotional, but we work through topics together as a team. Additionally, your therapist may be open to SMS conversations during the week. This is something you might like to discuss with your counsellor.

In order to get the most out of your counselling sessions please consider to commit to 5-10 sessions.  After 10 sessions we will “check-up” on your progress and decide together if more sessions would be beneficial, and the frequency of such sessions. Perhaps if progress has been made quickly, sessions will change to once a fortnight, or even monthly, before we consider to stop counselling. It is also possible that if you are experience extreme distress that we may change the frequency to more often – perhaps more than one session a week.

To discuss counselling please email or phone/SMS the practice director on +852-93785428

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